how to play

The Play

Each player is dealt four cards. A player begins by discarding a card from their hand. The player then places a game piece in any space with the corresponding color on the board. The turn ends by the player drawing a new card from the pile. 

In addition to the 100 colored playing cards (25 per colored quadrant), each set also has two types of wild cards. Players may play a wild card instead of a colored card. Red wild cards allow the player to remove any game piece in play and black wild cards allow the player to place a game piece anywhere on the board.


The Win
There are five different ways to win at student level.


Tao of Peg is designed to balance skill with luck. There are multiple strategies to employ during play, such as: offensive (go for the win), defensive (block other players from winning) sneaky (try not to be noticed) any combination of the three!


what's in the box

Each game is hand crafted in Port Orchard, Washington. The board and pegs are made of wood, and the board design is printed on a vinyl sheet and applied directly to a wooden base. The entire board is lightly coated with a protective varnish. Felt buttons are then added to the bottom corners to protect playing surfaces.